Monday, 22 July 2013

Fell off the bike

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So I fell off my bike last Tuesday in Swanson St and broke my ankle. The wheel got caught in the tram track and I tried to stop myself from falling by putting my left foot down, but unfortunately that didn't work. Many thanks to the kind police women and men who helped me and took me to hospital.
So frustrating because I know about tram tracks and was being careful, but obviously not careful enough. Very common bike accident, one of my colleagues at Monash had almost the same accident a few years ago.

I was supposed to be heading off to Kenya today and then on to Germany in a couple of weeks, but the Kenya part is not going to happen right now. Maybe next year. If I can get some photos of the wildebeeste migration maybe I'll put them up here.

In the meantime, I seem to be recovering well so it will give me a chance to get on with the research. I've finished transcribing all recent focus groups and interviews and started sending them out to people to check, so as soon as I can get into Monash I'll finish sending them out and start analysing them. I'll be on crutches for the next couple of weeks, which is slowing me down a bit, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, and thinking of heading out on my first solo expedition for a latte soon.

For something of interest, here's a link to an article The conversation we need to have about carbon by Lesley Head. Lesley argues that we can't just go on talking about carbon emissions in "gentle themes of continuing growth and wellbeing" but need to talk about "transformation, rationing and self-sacrifice".

I've commented on Lesley's article saying I agree about transformation, but in the public health sector we're seeing opportunities for improved wellbeing through more sustainable living. Rationing and self-sacrifice may be part of our transition to more sustainable living (as in the Victorian water restrictions) but in the longer term it's a positive journey we're on towards fairer and more sustainable living.

What do you think? I'd be interested to hear your ideas here or you might want to comment on Lesley's article at The Conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie,
Followed your link from The Conversation and thought I should congratulate you on a great comment. It infuriates me that people can't see the opportunities that could come from a more sustainable, more local, less consumption driven society. I don't think it's going to be all plain sailing by any means but when you contrast it with where we're going with rising levels of obesity, heart disease and mental health issues I think we might just find that we end up with something better.

Sorry to hear about the ankle though, those tram tracks are deadly!