Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Windmills, trains, elections ...

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Here are some photos of windmills I took from the Frankfurt-Berlin ICE train (intercity express).

I wanted to take photos of solar arrays - there were lots on buildings and in fields - but the train was going too fast!

I'm back in Australia now, and the election grinds on. A fast train from Melbourne to Sydney has got a possible (but unfunded?) nod from Mr Rudd, but I haven't heard renewable energy mentioned.

Melissa Sweet of Croakey asked via tweet if there was "even single mention of climate and health" in the health debate at the national press club yesterday. Apparently the answer is no.

Others, including Fran Baum, are concerned that social determinants of health (including inequity, poverty and housing) weren't discussed.

As research participant 'Andrew' would say (see post of June 6th), environment and equity don't even seem to be getting "on the table"  as far as the major parties are concerned.

Yet surely these issues are fundamental to the kind of society we want, and the kind of future we can have?

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