Sunday, 27 July 2014

More online sexism

"Val, darl, ...
Try to be helpful and tell us the carbon footprint differences between men and women on a local/national/global level and become relevant to the topic rather than a distraction.
Your call….."


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So I was trying to discuss the impact of gender on attitudes to climate change on the ClimatePlus blog, and this (above) is where the discussion ended up.

First I was told by one man who posts there that gender was irrelevant to the discussion, and then I was told by "Jumpy" that I was irrelevant to the discussion.  I'm doing a PhD on health, equity and environmental sustainability. I'm not sure what Jumpy's qualifications are, but obviously in his own mind he knows a lot more than I do.

Brian Bahnisch, the blog owner, is much better than that. I know that he's busy at the moment, and quite likely he will address this when he has time. In the meantime, I seem to be about the only woman who comments there, and I'm not going to do so any further under these circumstances.

What is wrong with these men?

Will definitely do a post on gender and attitudes to climate change very soon.


Anonymous said...

G'day Val
Are you on twitter ?
I just twitter searched your name and, oh dear, it was a wannabe porn star LOL.
Looked nothing like you so I didn't tweet.
It's not you, right?

Val Kay said...

ha ha ha! not it's not me, but I know that porn star exists, because I've googled myself (I admit it) and she always comes up. Have to google something like Val Kay Monash to get me. It's very annoying having a name shared by a porn star (especially when I had it first!)

My twitter handle is @valakay