Thursday, 21 September 2017

Update - project formally closed, writing up almost finished.

This is to note formally that the research project 'Promoting equity, environmental sustainability and health' is closed. Ethics approval for research with participants finished on 12 September last year, and the project is now formally closed, although we have not yet lodged the formal final report with the Ethics Committee (that should be completed soon).

I am still writing up the thesis and will continue to put updates here from time to time.

I have removed the statement on the comments section about comments being used as evidence, and won't quote any comments after 12 September 2016. Everyone is still free to comment and I will still consider comments background information, but they won't be used as formal evidence.

I have been granted another extension on my thesis so it is now due at the end of October.

I read back through this blog as part of my final reflections, and it mortifies me somewhat to see that everything has taken much longer than I thought it would. I take my hat off to PhD students who complete everything within their allotted three years!

The thesis will be finished soon ...

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